The V International Scientific Conference

«Regional Problems of Earth Remote Sensing»

September, 11-14, 2018 Conference address: 26 Academika Kirenskogo Str., Building «ULK», Krasnoyarsk City

Registration fee

Registration fee covers payment for participation in the conference events and publication of one article in the conference proceedings (ISBN).
Publication in the conference proceedings requires a face-to-face presentation of an article.
A theme-based issue of the journal of Siberian Federal University (included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission), series «Engineering and Technologies» will be prepared on the results of the conference. Publication in the journal is without additional charge.
Registration fees for
Russian Feferation and CIS delegates 2500 roubles;
Foreign delegates 100 dollars;
Students and post-graduate students 500 roubles.
Delegates from CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) may pay a registration fee on arrival at the conference.