The VI International Scientific Conference

«Regional Problems of Earth Remote Sensing»

September, 10-13, 2019 Conference address: 26 Academika Kirenskogo Str., Building «ULK», Krasnoyarsk City

General Information

Dear colleagues:
On behalf of the Program Committee we are glad to invite you to participate in the VI International Scientific Conference «Regional Problems of Earth Remote Sensing» RPERS 2019 which will take place in the city of Krasnoyarsk, Russia, in September 10-13, 2019.
Conference target is discussion of the problems of generation and development of regional systems of Earth remote sensing from space and their role in the decision of social and economic objectives of regions.
During the conference it is planned to work 3 sections:
  1. Modern and perspective systems of regional remote sensing.
  2. Models and methods of remote sensing data processing.
  3. Monitoring of the environment, natural and anthropogenic objects and phenomena.
Main directions of the conference:
  • Modern and perspective systems of regional remote sensing;
  • Methods and algorithms for image processing;
  • Monitoring of ecosystems and agrocenosis;
  • Monitoring of industrial facilities and their Impact on natural environment;
  • Monitoring of emergencies;
  • Monitoring of construction;
  • Spatial data infrastructure;
  • Issues of legislative regulation of relations in the field of space activities
  • Monitoring of environment, natural and anthropogenic objects and appearances.
Key Dates
Registration forms submission deadline –  July 20, 2019
Abstracts submission deadline – July 20, 2019
Conference Language: English and Russian.
Publication: The conference proceedings (ISBN) will be issued before the beginning of the conference.