The VI International Scientific Conference

«Regional Problems of Earth Remote Sensing»

September, 10-13, 2019 Conference address: 26 Academika Kirenskogo Str., Building «ULK», Krasnoyarsk City


Dear colleagues!

The site of the conference extended deadline for applications for participation in the conference and submission of materials to the July 01, 2018

But preliminary applications with the theme of the article and a list of authors needed in the near future!

Thank in advance!

Attention, dear colleagues!

The site of the conference began taking pre-orders.

Receiving preliminary applications will be accepted until May 11, 2018

We kindly request to everyone who plans to speak at the conference with the report, send email to the secretariat of the conference letter indicating provisional theme articles and the list of authors.

The applications we need to form a provisional program, which must be submitted when applying for a grant RFFI for the conference.

The name of the report and a list of authors you can then adjust the feeding of the conference materials.

Conference materials will be accepted online until June 15, 2018